AKS Double Encryption

I have been living in a world of compliance these past few weeks, specifically NIST 800-171. Azure provides an initiative for NIST and one of the checks is to make sure your disks have both a platform and customer managed key. I recently ran into a scenario where you have an application that is StatefulSet … Continue reading “AKS Double Encryption”

Azure VM Applications

Azure has Template Specs which lets you create a self service infrastructure as code model for your end users. You can use RBAC and they can deploy versioned templates. Microsoft introduced VM applications which lets your end users do something very similar to template specs, but with applications installed inside your VM. Let’s look at … Continue reading “Azure VM Applications”

Guest Configuration Extension Broke in Azure Gov for RHEL 8.x+

UPDATE 4/11/2022 This has been fixed! UPATE 4/3/2022 Still broke…waiting on product to fix. UPDATE 3/4/2022 Microsoft product group will be pushing a fix out in 2 weeks to Azure Gov. I asked what the cause was, but nothing yet. One of the great features of Azure Policy is the capability to audit OS settings … Continue reading “Guest Configuration Extension Broke in Azure Gov for RHEL 8.x+”


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