PnP PowerShell and Azure functions assembly conflict

If you have worked with SharePoint Online, I am sure you are no stranger to PnP PowerShell module. It sits on top of graph, CSOM and the SharePoint Rest API which brings a lot of enhanced capabilities. Let’s look into an issue and how I solved it when it related to consuming this module in an Azure PowerShell Function.

There is a stable release at version 1.12.0 and a nightly build which is their preview at version 2.x.x-nightly. Typically, you would use the stable build, which is what I did in Azure. I loaded up that module in my requirements.psd1 file in Azure

I fired off a quick test where I connect to SharePoint online and I was presented with this:

A quick Google search led me to this page

After reading the 80+ comments, everyone was using a consumption plan. There was a fix being rolled out which you could verify with a consumption plan as you can see the runtime version being used. How about if you were not on a consumption plan, such as I? With GCC High, we’re always last for everything and I just assumed the fix wasn’t rolled out. I did provision a quick Azure Function consumption plan and noticed my runtime was set to the version 14.15.1 that fixed this issue. I deployed my code on there and it still didn’t work, but once I changed my module version to a nightly build, it worked. OK, great the issue is fixed. Now, how do I fix this on my App Service Plan? I cannot see the runtime version. I initially thought, maybe the runtime version was upgraded and I just needed to set a nightly build version in my requirements.psd1. I did that, but no dice. I then remembered about an issue I had a few years ago when CSS told me that upgrading your plan to a Pv sku will force it to move off the existing host. I did that and sure enough, everything started working. I then changed my plan back to the B sku and it was put on a host that seemed to have the updated runtime as well.

I am not making assumptions, but it seems Microsoft rolled out the fix, but not to existing hosts that have sites deployed on it or they are still rolling out to GCC High. I wish there was some kind of blog or link in the portal that said they are rolling out X. Long story short, if you need an updated runtime, just upgrade your plan then downgrade back to your original.

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