Missing MSI when using the Microsoft HPC Pack in CycleCloud 8.2

I had a project that required HPC pack, so I went right to CycleCloud to provision my new cluster. When I came to the Secrets and Certificate section, I was going to use a Key Vault to store my certificate and password. After selecting the MSI Identity dropdown, it was empty.

I started looking in the documentation and found https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cyclecloud/hpcpack?view=cyclecloud-8#azure-user-assigned-managed-identity which stated you must use a user assigned managed identity with GET for Secret and Certificate. I had that assigned already and still no dice.

Using KeyVault is a hard requirement as I don’t want to be passing PFX and passwords into CycleCloud. After unsuccessfully trying to figure out why my MSI is MIA, I popped a support ticket. After explaining the situation, the rep was able to reproduce it, but eventually came back with a solution. CycleCloud runs a job every hour that will discover new Azure resources. We can force this update by ssh’ing into the CycleCloud node and as root run the following command:

/opt/cycle_server/cycle_server  run_action Run:Application.Timer -eq Name plugin.azure.monitor_reference

Select your Subscription in the CycleCloud UI and click the Tasks tab. You will see a task running that is collecting reference data from Azure.

Once this task is finished, navigate back to creating the HPC Pack cluster and the dropdown should populate the managed identity.

Either have patience or run the command above to force the discovery. 🙂

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