Azure Gov B2C

While most people consume Azure commercial cloud, Azure gov is another beast. It seems the lack of documentation makes each project a bit more challenging.

I am currently doing a POC for using B2C in gov cloud. B2C supports local accounts which makes it great to put application end user accounts in their own tenant instead of creating my own identity provider. Typically, when you create the B2C tenant, you link it to a subscription. I did not have this option as I could only create just the tenant. It typically looks like this when all is working:

Create a new Azure AD B2C tenant selected in Azure portal

Mine looked like this:

I looked for the feature provider Microsoft.AzureActiveDirectory and it is missing all together. I popped a ticket to Microsoft and they said B2C is supported and you don’t need to link it to a subscription. I was a bit confused because a subscription is a billing boundary and if I used MFA or conditional access, how could it be billed? Well, you can’t do this. After pleading my css case, I was told that this is in preview and engineering knows about this. What stings a bit more is that the Azure feedback item has been open since 2017 😦

Either way, I kept moving forward to see what I can do with this POC. The first thing to call out is that the endpoints are not documented at the site. You must use the endpoints button in your b2c registration you created. What I noticed is that instead of and your typical tenant tld, you need to add .us.

Once I had my endpoints configured correctly, my user flows were working just fine as accounts were being created in the tenant. Now, let me create local accounts in the portal in the b2c tenant. Nope, said could not create user. I am confused why my app could do it just fine. I found the api doc for create user and tested against my commercial sub and it worked, but when I tested against the gov graph endpoint, it failed. It said the property creationType was missing. Alright, so I added creationType=LocalAccount into the json body and the api call worked. Guess this is an issue.

The last issue I found is that the tenant type is set to Preview tenant. I couldn’t find anything what this meant until I stumbled across the 2016 announcement post. Information about your tenant type is available in your B2C Admin UI. If it says “Production-scale tenant”, you are good to go. If you have an existing “Preview tenant”, you must use it ONLY for development and testing. The lack of documentation of what is preview and not is hurting. This sounds like a red flag as I can’t deploy production apps into a preview tenant.

I popped a couple of tickets to Microsoft and will update this post once I get more information. More to come!

Edit: no date yet when it will GA in gov 😦

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