Azure Devtest Labs “Install Windows Update” not working

I was building out a formula in Devtest labs the other day and added a few artifacts, including “Install Windows Updates”. My goal was to build an ARM template that deploys DTL, creates a VM, then a custom image off that VM. Everything worked great, but as a good IT pro, I double checked my work. Looking at the VM, you can drill down into the artifacts section and see the status of each artifact applied. I had green everywhere, so it looked good. Upon further inspection, I noticed the Windows Update task finished extremely quick.

Clicking on the task to get more details, I saw this:

It just displayed the updates and rebooted. Well, maybe it did install? I checked the update history on the VM and it was empty. It also displayed those updates to be installed. Curious, I went to the PowerShell file in the packages folder C:\Packages\Plugins\Microsoft.Compute.CustomScriptExtension\1.10.12\Downloads\4\PublicRepo\master\0b7a713c381a8cbecf04f92122d1c0b07324871e\Artifacts\windows-install-windows-updates\scripts\artifact.ps1 and saw the cmdlet:

I was able to run this script and reproduce the same output as above. I did some digging and it looks like this cmdlet needs additional parameters now unlike in the past.

I updated it and re-ran the script which displayed:

This is what I would expect to see. Now, the bigger problem is that this is in Microsoft’s artifacts repo If you are using the public repo for your artifacts and have this specific artifact being consumed, i’d double check to actually make sure you are indeed patching your operating system. I did submit a pull request with the fix, so hopefully they review it soon.

Edit: Microsoft approved my pull request to fix this. Shouldn’t be an issue now 🙂

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